10 Fascinating Facts About Barbra Streisand

Streisand Attended High School with Bobby Fischer and Neil Diamond

Streisand is known for her crippling stage fright, which prevented her from performing live for nearly 30 year

She Sang to a Variety of Zoo Animals for TV

She's won two Oscars, ten Grammys, five Emmys and one Tony award. On top of all that, she's won 11 Golden Globes. 

She Has a Mall Inside Her House

She Got Tim Cook to Change Siri's Prononciation of Her Name

She Been Married Twice and Both Men Starred in a Movie Together

She's the Only Artist to Have a Number 1 Album in Six Different Decade

She Was the First Woman to Write, Produce, Direct and Star in a Studio Film

Streisand dated: Liam Neeson, Peter Jennings, Andre Agassi, Joe Namath, Pierre Trudeau and Don Johnson.

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