10 Scariest Roller Coaster Rides in the US

By Meena

With a height of 456 feet and a 90-degree drop, Kingda Ka holds the title as the world's tallest roller coaster!

Kingda Ka – Six Flags, New Jersey


True to its name, The Beast is the longest wooden roller coaster, giving riders a 4-minute thrilling experience through the woods!

The Beast – Kings Island, Ohio


Named after NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, this 305-foot tall coaster is one of the most intense giga coasters in the world.

Intimidator 305 – Kings Dominion, Virginia


Fury 325 mimics the flight of an angry hornet. The ride reaches speeds of 95 mph making it one of the world's fastest.

Fury 325 – Carowinds, North Carolina


With 360-degree rotating seats and face-first drops, X2 takes roller coaster fright to a new level!

X2 – Six Flags Magic Mountain, California


The Voyage features sudden and extreme changes in speed and direction, and at 1.2 miles long, it's one of the world's longest wooden coasters!

The Voyage – Holiday World,  Indiana


El Toro blends the classic wooden structure with modern engineering to deliver one of the steepest drops among wooden coasters!

El Toro – Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey


Millennium Force was the first ever 'giga' coaster in the world, known for its massive drops and high speeds.

Millennium Force – Cedar Point, Ohio


Top Thrill Dragster takes riders from 0 to 120 mph in just 4 seconds, creating a heart-stopping experience!

Top Thrill Dragster – Cedar Point, Ohio


With seven inversions and speeds of up to 67 mph, The Incredible Hulk Coaster will make even the bravest scream!

The Incredible Hulk Coaster – Universal's Islands of Adventure, Florida


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