11 Unforgettable Films Set in New York

By Meena

This classic with Audrey Hepburn showcases NYC's charm and elegance, just like Tiffany's itself. Love, drama, and plenty of style! 

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's


Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece paints an intense portrait of a city dealing with grit, corruption, and moral decay. An iconic NYC film!

2. Taxi Driver


Who you gonna call when NYC gets invaded by ghosts? Ghostbusters! This film injects a dose of paranormal fun into the city.

3. Ghostbusters 


Woody Allen’s black-and-white love letter to NYC beautifully captures its skyline, streets, and spirit like no other.

4. Manhattan


The spectacle of a giant ape scaling the Empire State Building? Unforgettable! King Kong truly put NYC on the cinematic map. 

5. King Kong


Wall Street dives into the cutthroat world of NYC finance. "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good." Does the city agree?

6. Wall Street


A musical tale of love and rivalry set against the vibrant backdrop of NYC's West Side. Dance your way through the city!

7. West Side Story


Kevin McCallister's wild solo adventure in the city during Christmas is a holiday classic. NYC in winter? Count us in!

8. Home Alone 2


Swing through NYC with Spider-Man. Fight crime, save the city, repeat! NYC becomes a superhero playground.

9. Spider-Man


Spike Lee's thought-provoking look at racial tension on a hot summer day in Brooklyn. A NYC neighborhood's story.

10. Do The Right Thing


Love blooms in NYC in this classic rom-com. Those autumn scenes in Central Park? Priceless!

11. When Harry Met Sally


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