2-Finger Trick: How to Choose the Best Watermelon?

By Meena

Ever found it hard to pick the best watermelon? With the 2-finger trick, you'll select the sweetest one every time. Let's learn how.

Credit: Canva

First, look at the shape. A good watermelon should be uniform. Irregularities might mean it grew unevenly, affecting its taste.

Check the Uniformity


Watermelons have a 'field spot'—the area that was resting on the ground. A creamy yellow spot indicates ripeness.

Spot the Field Spot


Now the 2-finger trick! Tap the middle of the melon with your fingers. A hollow sound means it's ripe. A dull sound may indicate over-ripeness.

Tap the Tap


Lastly, consider the weight. It should feel heavy for its size as this suggests a juicy, sweet fruit.

Weight Matters 


Choosing the best watermelon isn't hard. It's all about understanding what to look for. Practice this 2-finger trick and enjoy the sweetest melons!

Practice Makes Perfect


Once you've picked your perfect watermelon, it's time to enjoy! Whether in a fruit salad, smoothie, or on its own, there's nothing quite like a sweet, juicy watermelon.

Enjoy Your Watermelon


Remember, the fresher the better, so try to consume your watermelon as soon as possible after buying. Enjoy your sweet and juicy treat!

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