9 Haunted Railway Stations in America 

By Meena

Ghosts of soldiers and even a spectral dog wander Union Station, whispering tales of a time long past.

1. Union Station, Washington D.C.


This Gettysburg station is said to host apparitions of Civil War soldiers awaiting their journey home.

2. Lincoln Train Station, Gettysburg


Be on the lookout for the Lady in Red, a famous ghost at Waterfront Station who dances her eternal waltz.

3. Waterfront Station, Seattle


In this abandoned hub, phantom passengers are often seen waiting for a train that will never arrive.

4. Canfranc International Station, Arizona


Listen for the spectral laughter of children playing in this eerily haunted Phoenix station.

5. Union Station, Phoenix


Ghostly apparitions have been sighted drifting through the shadows of this deserted station.

6. Bakersfield Amtrak Station, California


Tales of spectral commuters abound in this bustling yet haunted NYC transit hub. 

7. Grand Central Terminal,  New York


Feel the chill of Ogden Union's haunted platform, home to spirits waiting for their long-delayed ride.

8. Ogden Union Station, Utah


Ghostly figures of miners returning from work have been sighted on Alderson Station’s platform. 

9. Alderson Station, West Virginia


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