Best women's football players ever

It will take someone truly special to dethrone Sun Wen as Asia’s greatest female footballer. The fact she shared FIFA’s Player of the Century award with Michelle Akers

10. Sun Wen

Joy Fawcett is one of the greatest defenders to have played the game. Fawcett earned 241 caps across an incredible USA career and with 27 goals

9. Joy Fawcett

Christine Sinclair’s individual success and legacy is hard to marry up with a lack of team achievements compared to some of her rivals

8. Christine Sinclair

Her 184 goals over 14 years for the USA looked like a record that would never be broken (until Christine Sinclair did).

7. Abby Wambach

Germany’s Heidi Mohr perhaps never managed to achieve the profile of some of her esteemed colleagues and rivals in this list, but it doesn’t mean she was any less effective

6. Heidi Mohr

Kristine Lilly’s 354 international caps is an incredible feat and a record that may never be broken, with Christine Sinclair the only player even remotely close

5. Kristine Lilly

Akers was a member of the USA squad from day one and ended her international career with a stellar 105 goals in 156 caps

4. Michelle Akers

If her 128 goals in 214 caps for her national team don’t tell the story, her record at club level in terms of both goals and medals won is arguably even more impressive.

3. Birgit Prinz

Hamm ended her career with an incredible 158 goals in 276 games for the USA, a tally that once was the best in the world

2. Mia Hamm

Brazil’s top scorer with 115 goals, the top scorer in World Cup history with 17 goals and the first to score at five consecutive World Cups

1. Marta