Edwin Castro: From Winning the $2B Powerball to Cashing Out

Edwin Castro, a California resident, won the $2 billion Powerball prize, becoming an overnight millionaire.

He was spotted withdrawing cash from a Chase bank with his newly hired security team.

Castro claimed his winnings in February and chose a one-time lump sum payment.

He has since invested in real estate, purchasing two multi-million-dollar homes in California.

One of the properties is a $25.5 million Hollywood Hills estate with luxurious amenitie

The other home is a $4 million mansion in Altadena, Castro's hometown.

The Altadena property is close to the gas station where he purchased his winning Powerball ticket.

Castro has also purchased a $250,000 vintage Porsche 911 to match his new lifestyle.

His new properties are a significant upgrade from his previous one-bedroom home in Altadena.

Castro's lifestyle now includes 24/7 security, with a rotation of three guards protecting him and his homes.

He has not given any media interviews since winning the lottery but released a statement.

In the statement, Castro expressed gratitude for the California public education system and acknowledged its role as the real winner due to the lottery's mission of providing supplemental funding for education.