Kirstie Alley posted one last video on Instagram

FANS expressed concern for Kirstie Alley just weeks before she passed away at age 71.

In her final Instagram video, Kirstie was promoting her Cameo account so her fans could receive a personalized message from the Cheers star.

She began the video by introducing herself, and it appeared she ended up slurring a few words.

Kirstie said that fans have been asking her to make these "greetings," and she did what her fans asked her to do.

In the background, you could hear her new "baby" yowl, as she had gotten a new dog.

She said: "Congratulations to me, I'd say!"

Kirstie then went into a mock Cameo to give her fans an idea of what they would be buying.

She told her fans she'll record a message for any occasion. She said: "Merry Christmas! Or, I want a divorce. Whatever you need!"

She ended the video by throwing a peace sign at the camera, but that's not the only strange hand movement that was in the video.

Her facial expressions and voice pattern were also very irregular, and her fans noticed.

A fan said: “Girl, are you okay? Why are you talking like that?”