Lamar Jackson sets NFL record with $260M Ravens deal

Lamar Jackson signs 5-year extension with Baltimore Ravens, ensuring long-term commitment.

Ravens announce deal just before NFL Draft, making a strategic move.

Contract's total worth: $260 million, with $185 million guaranteed, reflecting Jackson's value.

Deal averages $52 million per season, making Jackson highest paid player in NFL.

Guaranteed portion less than Deshaun Watson's $230 million from Cleveland Browns.

Jackson excitedly confirms extension in official announcement video on team's Twitter.

Ravens' negotiation process described as "long, long process" by GM Eric DeCosta.

Earlier, Ravens placed non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, fueling speculation.

Possibility of Jackson signing deal with another team allowed, but Ravens could match.

Jackson's 2019 league MVP status contributed to high demand and value.

Philadelphia Eagles signed Jalen Hurts for 5-year, $255 million deal earlier this month.

Hurts' deal had been highest average annual salary before Jackson's contract.

Ravens' commitment to Jackson signals their confidence in his ability to lead the team.