Marly Rivera, the ESPN national baseball reporter, has been fired

ESPN fires national baseball reporter Marly Rivera after a heated incident at Yankee Stadium.

Rivera used offensive language towards fellow female reporter Ivón Gaete during a disagreement over an Aaron Judge interview.

Rivera had been with ESPN for 13 years, serving as a dugout reporter, MLB playoff game analyst, and contributing to ESPN's digital platforms.

As a bilingual reporter, Rivera provided unique perspectives, particularly when interviewing Latin players.

The incident took place last Tuesday before the Yankees-Angels game.

Rivera and Gaete clashed when Gaete tried to interview Judge, despite Rivera having already scheduled an appointment with him.

The offensive language, uttered by Rivera during the disagreement, was caught on video

Rivera attempted to apologize, but Gaete refused to accept the apology.

Rivera acknowledges her responsibility, but believes she is being singled out due to a history of professional disagreements with Gaete's husband, MLB VP of Communications John Blundell.

Gaete, a freelance reporter, was covering the game for Tokyo Broadcasting, with a focus on player Shohei Ohtani.

Throughout her career, Rivera covered MLB with an emphasis on the Yankees, working on both English and Spanish platforms, including ESPN Deportes.