MLB Pitchers Penalized for Anthem Showdown Escalation!

The national anthem standoff occurred between Boston Red Sox reliever Kutter Crawford and Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Matt Strahm.

Standoffs like this have happened in the past across multiple sports, as players try to be the last one to leave the field, court, or ice after the anthem.

MLB's new pitch clock requirements led to the escalation of this situation.

Both players were ejected by the umpires after receiving a warning to return to their dugouts.

Kutter Crawford is currently on the 15-day injured list, which resulted in a higher fine for him compared to Strahm.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora mentioned that a teammate would likely help Crawford with the fine.

Chris Sale, who attended the same university as Crawford (Florida Gulf Coast University), is assumed to be the teammate providing assistance.

Matt Strahm and Kutter Crawford used to be teammates on the Red Sox.

Strahm explained to WEEI's Rob Bradford that the standoff was not planned.

The impromptu standoff began when Crawford gave Strahm a grin after the anthem, and Strahm's competitive nature led him to participate.

Strahm acknowledged that this was probably not the wisest decision he has made in his major league career.

The exact amounts of the fines for Crawford and Strahm are currently unknown.

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