New Dating Trend: 'Zombieing' is Worse Than 'Ghosting'!

Singer-songwriter Mariel Darling exposes "zombied" on TikTok, a horrifying dating trend that surpasses ghosting.

 "Zombied" involves ghosters reappearing after months of silence, akin to zombies returning from the dead.

 Darling's video goes viral, amassing 1.5 million views and 151,100 likes, leading to widespread conversation.

She likens the NYC dating scene to a zombie apocalypse with a "Thriller" vibe due to non-committal partners.

Many TikTok users join the discussion, sharing personal, relatable experiences of being "zombied."

Some recount multiple instances of being "zombied" by different people, all occurring simultaneously.

Dating expert Samantha Jayne reveals that "zombied" is not new, existing as long as relationships have.

The "zombied" experience can lead to emotional turmoil, causing confusion, anxiety, and self-confidence issues.

Jayne identifies two main reasons for "zombied": poor communication and malicious intent.

Poor communicators ghost because of personal anxieties and insecurities, eventually trying to reconnect.

Malicious "zombies" use the tactic as a backup plan, ego boost, or to alleviate loneliness.

The latter type often reappears without explanation or apology, expecting things to resume normally.

Jayne reminds "zombied" victims that they hold the power to choose how to respond.

Options include ignoring, seeking an explanation, or asserting oneself with a short message.

She cautions against rekindling relationships with "zombies" due to the likelihood of repeated offenses.