Ray Stevenson's Net Worth and the Cause of His Untimely Death

1. Ray Stevenson, known for his memorable roles like Volstagg in Marvel's Thor franchise, passed away at the age of 58 on Sunday in Italy.

2. The actor most recently appeared in the Oscar-winning Indian epic film RRR, where he portrayed the primary antagonist.

3. Stevenson's reps at Independent Talent confirmed the news of his death but did not provide details about the cause.

4. Some of his notable roles include History's Vikings, The Theory of Flight, The Book of Eli, Adam McKay's The Other Guys, and The Clone Wars from the Star Wars franchise

5. Throughout his career, Stevenson earned recognition and accolades for his extensive work in the industry.

6. According to Celebrity Net Worth, at the time of his death, Stevenson had a net worth of 8 million dollars.

7. Stevenson made his screen debut in 1993 with the TV show A Woman's Guide to Adultery.

8. He landed a recurring role as Steve Dickson in Band of Gold just two years after his debut

9. Stevenson's first lead role came with the film Outpost, while his first film role was in The Theory of Flight alongside Helena Bonham Carter and Kenneth Branagh.

10. Following Outpost, he played lead roles in films such as The Book of Eli, The Three Musketeers, and Thor.

11. Stevenson's portrayal of Volstagg in Marvel's Thor franchise garnered attention and recognition from audiences worldwide.

12. Ray Stevenson's diverse roles and talent showcased his acting skills, honed at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and contributed to his success in the industry.

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