The 10 Best TV Shows of 2023 So Far

By Meena

Joel and Ellie's tense journey across post-apocalyptic America creates deep humanity and emotion. Pascal's powerful performance earns him an Emmy nomination.

1. The Last of Us (Max, US)


In this murder-of-the-week series, Natasha Lyonne shines as an insouciant detective with a knack for solving crimes.

2. Poker Face (Peacock, US)


A humorous yet touching series about grief and healing. Harrison Ford's deadpan delivery is a delight!

3. Shrinking (AppleTV+, International)


In its final season, Succession portrays a riveting tale of power, greed, and family dysfunction.

4. Succession (HBO and Max, US)


A road rage drama that evolves into a dark comedy. Ali Wong and Steven Yeun's performances are remarkable.

5. Beef (Netflix, International)


Rachel Weisz thrills in dual roles in this dark psychological thriller, adapted from David Cronenberg's 80s film.

6. Dead Ringers (Prime Video, International)


A smart political thriller combining suspense, international intrigue, and personal drama.

7. The Diplomat (Netflix, International)


Sarah Lancashire delivers a captivating performance as the indomitable Catherine Cawood in this riveting series.

8. Happy Valley (AMC+, US)


A riveting dystopian series about humankind's retreat to an underground silo. An intriguing puzzle-box mystery.

9. Silo (Apple TV+, International)


A dynamic season focusing on the lives and pasts of characters revolving around a restaurant.

10. The Bear (Hulu, US)


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